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This place is a gem, you won't find a better shop than this anywhere! My wife and I broke down in our Sprinter van a couple miles from this shop on a cross country trip on the way to our wedding. This shop showed us extreme hospitality and kindness and went above and beyond to help us out while we waited for our van to be fixed. The mechanics at this shop are highly skilled, the workers and owner are genuinely nice people, and the price was more than fair! Best of all we made it to our wedding on time! Can't recommend ABA highly enough, thanks again!

- Max

I'm extremely happy with Brian and the crew at ABA, my Jeep had some issues, the estimate was fair, the work was solid. Much better than going to big box mechs and also contributes to supporting local business in Hillsboro. Old School.

- Ed

I've been to a lot of mechanics, but ABA has been my go to mechanic for years now and I've referred many friends to them. It's hard to find a mechanic that's honest and genuinely cares and ABA fits the bill and will exceed all expectations. Look no further, ABA is the place to go, you won't regret it!

- Steve

Countryside Road

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